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Visual Studio Versions and Features

The Visual Studio has undergone quite some changes from the beginning of its times. Newer features and versions came into being over the years with each one better than the one before.

With all the newer versions coming into existence, keeping track of these versions’ top features can be difficult. Here will be mentioned the best features and performances of the Visual Studio that developed along time.

Let’s begin the timeline from the preliminary days of the Visual Studio:

Visual Studio 2010


The 2010 Visual Studio came up with the IntelliSense improvement that automatically completes existing member names or type names. Hence, the feature helps in saving time that can be used for productive coding.

Search Improvement

The new improved search was then a primitive model of the same. You could jump to any class, method, or file name in your code by clicking on the Navigate.

Visual Studio 2012


The Visual Studio 2012 simulator was a powerful tool to help to debug apps in versatile case scenarios. The Intellisense also developed quite a lot.

JavaScript Console

This helps you to manage the source code modifications while the application runs in the background.

Visual Studio 2013

Throw-away application

If wanting to play a bit with your coding with no immediate purpose, name, and location for your new project, you can use throw-away applications. It helps you test something new and deletes it once you are done.

Scroll bar customization

Customize your scrollbar to show you specific details like errors, breakpoints, and larger files, etc.

Visual Studio 2015

Single sign-in

The Visual Studio came up with the time-saving single sign-in option where one-time cloud authentication could be used for all future sign-ins.

Android Emulator

Sensors and simulations, GPS Location, Accelerometer, SD Card, Zoom, Camera, screen rotation and access to the network, etc. helped define the emulator for Android in Visual Studio 2015.

Visual Studio 2017

Mobile app development

With the popular use of C#, JavaScript, and C++ for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, Visual Studio 2017 launched the mobile app development, which supports all these.

Faster performance

This version of Visual Studio is known for its speed, launches faster, and uses lesser memory. You can also use the ‘Lightweight Solution Load’ to load solutions faster.

Increased productivity

This version came with improved debugging, diagnostics, navigation, structure Visualizer, and hence helped with the overall performance of Visual Studio.

Visual studio 2019

Live sharing

The best ever Visual studio 2019 comes with live sharing that helps you share your coding with your team members. This allows a smooth edit, debugging, and navigation of the code context by your team members without any hitches.

Search improvement

The search experience on the ‘quick launch’ is now made easy with fast search suggestions and improves the overall results.

Debugging and searching

This feature can help you search for values and objects while you debug and remove software errors.

Start window improvement

Visual Studio 2019 now has an improved start window with check the code, open a project, open a specific folder, and create a new project option.

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