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Main Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to save productive time while increasing productivity. You could spare yourself some precious time, which you would otherwise spend navigating with your mouse as you take a full, hands-on keyboard approach in your Visual Studio.

Here are a few easy to use keyboard shortcuts the next time you feel like being a bit more productive in your Visual Studio!:

Quick launch

If you wish to see all the Visual Studio features in one place, the quick launch bar is your answer. The CTRL+Q keyboard shortcut launches the indexed list of all Visual Studio features.

Ctrl+Q can not be used for codes and figures but can be used for quick exploring and other IDE activities like templates, options, and menus.

Finds closing braces

It is so frustrating to come across errors because you forget to close braces. And not being able to find where the unclosed braces are is even more irritating.

With the shortcut Ctrl+], you can find all missing closing braces for functions and classes for your nested statements, and easily wrap up your coding without a single error!

Automate typing

Spending time on writing for loops or if-then loops can be saved by automated typing. You can easily automate these repetitious snippets by pressing the TAB button.

Begin your loop, and hit the TAB key twice. An automated snippet for the loop will be typed. Now, merely change the parameters and save precious time!

Format sloppy codes

Ctrl+F+K makes your sloppy codes readable and clean just with mere keyboard hits. The keyword easily cleans up all sloppy coding and makes it look good!

Stop debugging and build again

You can work with three of Visual Studio commands as you use this keyboard shortcut. Ctrl+Shift+F5 helps you break or stop a debugging session. It rebuilds the session and lets you start debugging all over again.

Improve the full-screen mode

You can lose useful panels like the menu bar if you go full screen to focus on one section while working from multiple screens. But with the ALT+SHIFT+ENTER keyword, you can get valuable screen space, plus all your additional panels can be accessed.

You can also make use of your extra screen space by fitting in more coding lines!

Add codes to your conditions automatically

If you are looking for a faster way to fill up your conditions with code statements, Ctrl+K+S is your shortcut. The shortcut shows you a contextual menu that features snippets. Click on the snippets you need and fill your try-catch or if-else loops easily.

Hotkeys for Visual studio


If you are looking for quick ways to deactivate codes, and are not a big fan of manually typing // over and over again, use the CTRL+K+C in your Visual Studio. You will have to highlight the block you need to comment on and type in the code.

You can use Ctrl+K+U to reactivate the code. Highlight the code block in concern, and type in the shortcut!


This shortcut helps you bookmark any place in your code. Type in the shortcut and tag the special code you want to bookmark. You can cycle to the next and previous tags by typing Ctrl+K+N and Ctrl+K+P.

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