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How was UI Upgraded in Visual Studio 2022

Well, well, you heard it right. Visual Studio 2022 is back with a new upgrade, with new features and abilities. The team has worked with targeted investments to make this much-needed upgrade to Visual Studio in 2022, keeping in mind all the suggestions and real problems working.

It won’t be wrong to say that VS 2022 has returned classy and modern, just like Microsoft. The results are fresh with improvised wayfinding, visual cohesion, legible Iconography, better accessibility, and little customizations to adapt it according to yourself.

Updated Visual Studio 2022

The UI/UX of 2022 Visual Studio is more prominent and user-friendly; it allows its users to integrate with accessibility insights to help them find any issues in the code. Other than those listed below are the upgrades that make Visual Studio even better.

· Legible Iconography with New Icons

Visual Studio had a very overwhelming, complex, and daunting product UI. But this significant change to meaningful and consistent icons makes the panel easier to recognize and increases the flow of the user while working. Even after the change, they remain legible and familiar to the user.

· Syncing of Theme

In its previous versions, Visual Studio has already upgraded to using light and dark themes. Still, this time it offers the ability to sync its theme with the operating system’s theme. Also, Visual Studio’s dark theme has improved accessibility and better alignment with Microsoft’s language. It also incorporates a theme converter to convert the themes of Visual studio code to VS themes.

· Inlay Hints

Microsoft has new incorporation in Visual Studio, including inlay hints to complete the code, code lens, etc. It can now display the parameter name hints and function calls. But this is not a default feature, as you will have to enable it from the tools option.

· Better Speed

Visual Studio has always been slow to use, but the new version is different. It is speedy with a 64-bit application and no longer limits itself to its 4GB memory. It can now load larger and more projects to avoid out-of-memory errors. VS stores much additional information to load up the solution faster and also speeds up file searching.

· Debugging Features

Microsoft cannot miss this! Visual Studio has improvised its debugging features. It has two new breakpoints temporary and dependent. Another feature is Force run to cursor, which allows you to rub to the cursor without being interrupted by any breakpoints.

Other than all the above-expanded features, it has more features like IntelliCode improvising Intellisense with AI helping to discover the correct code completion. Another feature is Hot Reload, which can modify the Application managed code while running the app without hitting a breakpoint or pausing it.

And Mac users have a piece of good news. Visual Studio 2022 is coming for MAC! The team is working on tailoring it for MAC to familiarise itself with VS for Windows.

So, upgrade to the new version of Visual Studio if you use an old one. And if you haven’t used it yet, then go for the updated one. What is even stopping you? Download it now to see the refreshed and modern Visual Studio 2022.

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