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Is Visual Studio Good with Python

Python, an interpreted programming language, is reliable and flexible that emphasizes code readability to build software and websites, automate tasks and analyze data. It focuses on creating different programs for all operating systems and supports the development of web applications and web services in all manners.

What is Visual Studio?

Visual Studio, a free editor available for all programmers, is an extensible, lightweight editor by Microsoft for python development and data science workloads. Well, this is available only on windows for now, and Python isn’t supported by it on Mac. Working with software like Visual code makes python simple, easy, and productive. Visual Studio embraces its power to provide IntelliSense, linting, debugging, and unit testing with the capabilities of switching between various environments of Python.

Multiple Interpreters Support

The python environment on Visual studio is user-friendly. It allows management of all python environments, Conda environments, and virtual environments, which are used for IntelliSense, linting, and other features except debugging. It detects the installation of python in the standard location.

Rich IntelliSense and Autocomplete

Visual Studio provides autocompletion across all the codes and IntelliSense through the selected interpreter. But what does IntelliSense mean? IntelliSense refers to several features like code completion across files and built-in modules, syntax coloring, code formatting, and type hints. This feature shows methods, class members, and documentation suggestions while typing and initiates completion using ^Space.


Linting will study the Python code, which will make it easy to sail and solve different problems.


Setting breakpoints, inspecting data, and using the debugging console is what Visual Studio allows one to do. One can debug different Python applications, including multi-thread and web applications. This is a significant feature as Visual studio’s core strength lies in being a powerful debugger. In the case of Python, VS allows Python/C++ mix debugging, remote debugging on Linux, and Interactive Window debugging. For debugging unit tests, Visual Studio Test explorer discovers and manages tests.


Comparing Visual Studio with PyCharm is much faster, even though it would take more than a second to start. The storage capacity of VS is appealing as it stores all your unsaved changes for the next time you reopen your windows.

Shortcuts customization

The exciting user interface of Visual Studio acknowledges the need to have different inputs depending on the language and requirements. For instance, one can completely customize the default key bindings to your needs. All in all, it depends on the user. However, the Visual studio might feel heavyweight at the start as you might have become habitual to a single tool. But they wouldn’t find any disadvantages over VS. It is fast and has a clean interface. Therefore one can call it one of the best jobs of Microsoft. This comes with all essential features that one might need to work with python, a marketplace, effective defaults, and support for different operating systems.

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