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Visual Studio vs. Intellij

When you compare Visual Studio to Intellij IDEA, the Slant team recommends Visual Studio to the vast majority of clients. Intellij IDEA ranks 26th, whereas Visual Studio ranks 17th. While evaluating the two, analysts found them to be equally simple to use and command. Analysts believed these competitors were easy to work with in general. This post will assist you in determining which one is most suited for you.

Visual Studio: Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing

Features of Visual Studio

  • Browse, create, and modify your code as quickly as possible.
  • To personalize your IDE, you may select from tons of extensions.
  • Use sophisticated testing tools to develop the most refined code.
  • Be flexible & collaborate effortlessly with Visual Studio.

Pros of Visual Studio

  • Free for educational purposes and developer-friendly.
  • Excellent debugger.
  • Built-in support for various languages.
  • The Visual C++ compiler supports C programming.
  • It's very customizable and versatile.

Cons of Visual Studio

  • The footprint of the installation is somewhat huge.
  • Although Visual Studio for Mac is built on a different codebase, it is being converged to share code with standard Visual Studio.
  • There is no Linux version available.

Pricing of Visual Studio

  • Community: FREE
  • Professional: $45/month | $1199/year
  • Enterprise: $250/year | $5999/year

Intellij: Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing

Features of Intellij

  • Easy to set up.
  • IntelliJ IDEA includes shortcut keys for basically everything from examining recent files to executing and debugging your project.
  • JetBrains is dedicated to making our products available to all. IntelliJ IDEA allows you to activate numerous features and capabilities that will meet your demands.
  • IntelliJ IDEA excels at ensuring the quality and correctness of your code with on-the-fly inspections.

Pros of Intellij

  • Fantastic autocomplete feature, and the debugger is quite intelligent.
  • Great program for everyone who enjoys coding and doesn't want to waste time on trivial tasks like remembering imports.
  • One of the top Java development IDEs.

Cons of Intellij

  • One of the best Java development IDEs may be pretty annoying and ruin your programming experience.
  • Many of the other IDEs in the marketplace are energy inefficient and slow.
  • Your previous projects decay when you create a new one. You must redo the dependent settings.

Pricing of Intellij

  • Companies & Institutions: $ 499 /1st year | $ 399 /2nd year
  • Individual Customers: $ 149 /1st year | $ 119 /2nd year
  • Discounted & Complimentary Licenses: 50% for startups | 25% for competitive tools users

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