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Visual Studio 2022 Features-What's New

Visual Studio is a development platform by Microsoft. Developers use it to make computer programs, websites, web apps, online services, and mobile apps. So, users are delighted now that Microsoft has launched the 2022 version. There’s a lot to enjoy about the latest version of Visual Studio, whether you’re using it for the first time or have been using it for years. As a consequence, we’ve covered all of Visual Studio 2022’s features in this article.

Features of Visual Studio 2022

64 Bit Application

The core Visual Studio process has been upgraded to a 64-bit version, allowing it to utilize more than 4 GB of RAM. As a result, you can now work on projects of any size or complexity. On the other hand, Visual Studio remains an excellent tool for developing 32-bit applications.

Faster "Find in Files"

You may use Find in Files to look for a specific group of files. Moreover, you can display the matches that Visual Studio discovers in the IDE’s Find Results pane. In comparison to Visual Studio 2019, Find in Files is currently over 2x quicker for 95% of searches in Visual Studio 2022.


IntelliCode, like prior VS versions, covers a variety of programming languages and runs on the local system while in use. However, leveraging a better awareness of coding context, Intellicode in VS 2022 may fill in whole lines of code. This is an important improvement to Visual Studio that aims to increase coding flexibility and efficiency.

Hot Reload in .NET

With Visual Studio 2022, total support for.NET 6 is now accessible. .NET 6 allows developers to create cross-platform apps and includes frameworks for Android and Mac. Other additional features include CSS Hot Reload and functionality for hot reloading Blazor projects and, more broadly, editing Razor files in any ASP.NET Core app. Hot reload, which was initially introduced in the.NET 6 Preview 3 version, is another amazing feature of the.NET 6 platforms. You may introduce modifications to your application’s source code while it’s operating and view them in real-time without having to restart it by using Hot Reload.

Customizable and Flexible

Users now have hundreds of customization possibilities to choose from, lowering complexity and cognitive burden. Working with a single solution that contains projects in various repositories and contributing to them all from a single instance of Visual Studio is possible in Visual Studio 2022.

Upgraded UI

Some of the improvements are practical in nature, intending to modernize the user interface or reduce clutter. In Visual Studio 2022, for example, icons and product themes have been modified to improve readability and contrast. In addition, Cascadia Code includes a new fixed-width typeface for improved reading.

Cloud Integration

Building contemporary, cloud-based apps with Azure is simple and rapid with Visual Studio 2022. Moreover, with the remote debugger hooked directly to your application, you can immediately troubleshoot any errors.


Visual Studio 2022 is for both learners and those creating industrial-scale solutions. In a nutshell, it is quicker, more accessible, and lighter. However, in general, it delivers considerable speed improvements and an improved developer experience. This is a significant benefit for all coders out there.

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