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IntelliCode/IntelliSense in Visual Studio

Programming and coding are all the craze. The more critical it gets, the better tools we have for boosting our productivity and perception and understanding of these fields. Visual Studio is one such tool used by developers worldwide. And it has a remarkable sub-tool called the IntelliCode.

IntelliCode is the enhanced and AI-integrated IntelliSense. The latter is a mainstream term referring to code editing features empowered by language semantics and source code analysis. Suppose, if it detects a logical completion pattern in your code, the IntelliSense will display a members list that would pop up and tune accordingly as you typed. However, IntelliCode is more intelligent, robust, and multi-dimensional. It does not give you simple alphabetical suggestions. It is like your personal AI programming assistant.

Apart from the foundation of IntelliSense, IntelliCode makes extensive use of Machine Learning algorithms to give contextual predictions to your coding model. It follows the code styles and patterns, which are created from your codebase itself.

It supports C#, C++, Visual Basics, JavaScript, XAML, TypeScript, Java, Python, SQL.

Characteristics and Working

A striking feature is that it can also analyze your organization-specific codebase and provide tailored recommendations in strict accordance with the organization’s codebase while you write or edit an existing code. There are no random suggestions or guesses. This is primarily due to its PBD/PBE methodology and sourcing Github’s open-source projects to train it. Here is the catch, not any project, but only those that have earned over 100 stars.

IntelliCode has a greater degree of flexibility. You can even train it as per your codebase by developing a team model to provide suggestions on methods of your code, utility classes, and even a definite domain library. The more code you feed in illustrating your patterns, the better and concise recommendation by the model.

It also allows you to elucidate code styles and formats using a .editorconfig file.

This AI-enhanced IntelliSense can also make valid argument suggestions. It also facilitates easier editing by speeding up repeated edits accurately and with no complexities. Code Refactoring is more convenient owing to its dynamic recommendations methodology.

Since IntelliCode makes use of your codebase, it does have to extract data. You have the autonomy to view the detailed extracted data after completion of the training process. It is available in the “%TEMP%\” Visual Studio IntelliCode Folder.

IntelliCode houses a team completions ‘train’ codebase model into a shared folder. This automatically updates in case of new additions of tasks to a CI build. There are two types of models:

  • Repository Associated: Users allowed to clone and edit the folder are provided with automatic access to the model. The codebase should be under Git source authority and pushed to a remote.
  • User Associated: The folder is accessible to personal identity and can be shared only through a link. Available only for C#.


IntelliCode lays forward the path for smarter, efficient, meaningful coding tools. It is considered the most elegant addition to existing IDE features and for the right reasons.
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