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Visual Studio 2022 vs. 2019

Recently, there has been a lot of talk regarding Visual Studio 2022. You should always use the most recent version of Visual Studio since it has more functionality than earlier versions. However, there is still a debate over the utility of Visual Studio 2022 vs. 2019. Do you have any doubts about which option to select from? No worries; in this article, we will go through both VS 2022 and VS 2019.

VS 2022 vs. VS 2019

1. Memory Demand

With 64-bit support, Visual Studio 2022 can expand to accommodate larger and more sophisticated projects on contemporary hardware. This is the most novel innovation, giving the 2022 edition a distinct edge over the 2019 version. On the other hand, Visual Studio is still a superb tool for designing 32-bit apps.

2. Debugging Capabilities

When you debug your project in Visual Studio, it typically implies that you’re executing it with the debugger connected. Several improvements to the Studio’s debugging features have been added in comparison to VS 2019. In Visual Studio 2022, you can now use Dependent Breakpoint to Fast Track Debugging.


IntelliCode, like Visual Studio 2019, supports a wide range of programming languages and runs locally. IntelliCode in Visual Studio 2022, on the other hand, can now fill in entire lines of code based on a better knowledge of the coding environment. This is a significant enhancement to Visual Studio that seeks to improve coding productivity and flexibility.

4. Find in Files

You can use the “Find in Files” feature to find a specified collection of files. You may also view the matches found by Visual Studio in the IDE’s Find Results window. In Visual Studio 2022, Find in Files is presently over 2x faster than Visual Studio 2019 for 95 percent of queries. Still, Microsoft is working to improve the Studio’s user interface, and a revised aspect of “Find in Files” is anticipated later this year.

5. App Development

Hot Reload, which was initially introduced in VS 2019, has been upgraded once again in VS 2022. This time, it has been made more accessible by adding full support for.NET 6. By utilizing Hot Reload, you may make changes to your application’s source code while it is running and see them in real-time without having to restart it.

6. Accessibility and UI

Users may now make use of a wide range of functionalities thanks to the accessibility changes in VS 2019. VS 2022, on the other hand, allows users to customize the interface. Consumers will be able to increase visibility and organization and work more effectively with extensions as a result of this. In addition, icons and product styles in Visual Studio 2022 have been updated to boost readability and contrast.


VS 2022, as amazing as VS 2019 and VS Code are, adds a slew of additional features. It is worth mentioning that Visual Studio 2022 introduces certain disruptive changes to the extensions platform. As a result, current VS 2019 extensions will not operate with the new version unless you update them. Finally, it is up to you to decide which version is more suitable for you based on your needs. Data security is a hot topic that necessitates organizations enlisting the help of specialists when dealing with significant volumes of sensitive data. It’s crucial to remember that better data security doesn’t come immediately.

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