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How to Download Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio is the best IDE for .NET and C++ for developers to execute, check and compile applications and web projects. In addition, it also supports multiple programming languages for almost everything, from cloud-based services to web apps. C++, Python, or Javascript; the developers can work on any standardized language using Visual Studio. It brings several features like a code detection tool, auto-completion, indents and debugging, and Linting. If you wish to learn how to use Visual Studio Community, begin with downloading it. Follow the steps listed below, and you’re ready to start your learning journey.

Download Visual Studio Community

To install Visual Studio Community, the developer will have to begin from the start - downloading Visual Studio Installer. The Visual Studio Installer, of nearly 80MB size, is downloadable from Microsoft’s website for Visual Studio. Steer to the link and snick on The Visual Community 2019 to install.

Prerequisite Requirement:

  • The windows OS is up to date with the latest version available. If you have windows 10 or above, you are good to go.
  • This can be a huge app to install, so ensure sufficient storage on the device.
  • Dotnet Framework 4.5 is installed, if not, hover over Microsoft’s website, and you’ll find it right there.

Installation of Visual Studio

After you have downloaded the Visual Studio Community Installer, right-click on it and click on ‘Run as administrator on the file to begin the process of installation.

Terms and Conditions for License

Next, you will be prompted to accept the Visual Studio Community Tool’s License terms and Privacy agreement. If you agree, tap on continue and move ahead.

  • In addition, the installer will install all the necessary files to install Visual Studio, which can take a few seconds or minutes.

What features to install?

Furthermore, the installer will ask you to select the features you wish to install. The options available are Workloads, Individual Components, Language Packs, and Installation Location.

1. Workloads

Select the required workload ranging from .NET desktop development to ASP.NET.

2. Individual Components

However, upon choosing the workloads, the components are automatically selected. Moreover, one can still customize the components as per the requirements.

3. Language Packs

The Operating System automatically decides the language, but on the other hand, you can still select it from the tab once it opens.

4. Installation Location

The installation location is set by default often. Therefore, it is usually downloaded at the exact location, but one can change it if they wish to.


Above all, if the selections you’ve made satisfy you, then proceed with the Install button. Visual Studio will automatically begin downloading, which would take 20-40 minutes. The installation depends on the Wi-fi connection and your device. Once it is done, ‘Installation Succeeded’ would open up on the screen. Further, you will be asked to register or sign in. After the window appears to sign in, you can sign in or create a new account if you click on sign up. You can even proceed without signing and maybe do that later. Note: If you do not register, the community edition will expire in 30 days.

Start Visual Studio Community

A splash screen will appear on the screen when you launch it for the first time, taking 15-20 seconds for the initial start step. It is advisable to sign in to activate Visual Studio and get a lifelong license absolutely free at the start. The Visual Studio Community is now all ripe for you to begin working on it if you follow the procedure carefully and correctly.

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